Looking for make brushes?

We endeavor to produce brushes with precise shape meet its functionality accommodating with aesthetic design. 

A Few Words

Our Service

We are Cosmetic brush/Makeup brush/Hair Brush/Hair comb manufacter & supplier company with 25 years experience. We own 4 factories and 300+ employees. Custom lable and Private logo avaliable.  Our product undergo rigious QA, we supply our customer with high-end quality product.

Certificated Product
You could choice our GRS certificated material with makeup brush handle, GRS (Global Recycle Standard)

We are also certified by the FSC, Biodegradable Product Institude, PLA BioPlastic , nature 100%

Brush hair could be goat hair, sable hair, synthetic hair
Why Choose Us
Creativity is our blood advantage, Our design team are proficient with 2d artistic software and 3D CAD, Work together with manufacter specialist  that has decades of production experience, our team can help you resolve production issue.
We keep our attention on small stuff. We are active to find and  fix  detailed product issue.