Sapphire Makeup Brush Set EM7890

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Collection of Brush Set: Consisting of Angle blush Brush, Blush Brush, Brush Powder Brush,  Eye Shadow Brush, Eye Shadow Brush S, Foundation Brush, Tappering Brush.

Gradient Sapphire handle: specially designed as a Sapphire color. Crystal wand handle. It is made of durable plastic and is more durable than wooden handles. Easy to clean and maintain.

Super soft bristles: made of soft synthetic fiber, with high density and no shedding, super soft and odorless, the bristles of the makeup brush package can be comfortably used with delicate skin. The brushes are smooth and silky to the touch.

Sapphire Makeup Brush Set Manufacturer direct, available with private labeled package and product.


Sapphire Angle blush Brush BS7890-2, Sapphire Blush Brush BS7890-3, Sapphire Brush Powder Brush BS7890-1, Sapphire Brush Set BS7890, Sapphire Eye Shadow Brush L BS7890-6, Sapphire Eye Shadow Brush S BS7890-7, Sapphire Foundation Brush BS7890-4, Sapphire Tappering Brush BS7890-5