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Flexible Detangling Wet Brush BD2509


Color Pink, Grey, Cyan
Body Material PLA Biodegradable
Handle Material PLA Biodegradable
Bristle Material Nylon
Coating Anti-static coating
Labeling Customizable label/private label
manufacturer Own Factory, China
Hair type All Hair Type


Flexible Detangling Wet Brush Manufacturer direct,
The pins attached to the plastic base of the brush, and have painted headpin points, rounded tips are soft yet efficient massage without scratching off your hair, this brush style for wet hair brushing, convenient to grab your hair when taking shower, detangle your hair and massage your scalp. This detangles wet brush also allows for dry hair brushing and regular head massage.

ANTI-STATIC COATING: The body for the hair is coated with anti-static material, the soft pins have superlative toughness and durability. Great options for hair binding, electrostatic issues, and easy to scrub.
BlowDrying  Quickly: The Design on the back of the ventilated brush allows the hot air to flow through after a hard blast, to help speed up the drying process.

The Best for Styling: the comb teeth are shaped as cylindrical and double-colored ball tip bristle, the large 11-row tunnel ventilated brush is the best fit for styling long hair, curly hair, damp hair, unique oily hair for men and women.

AESTHETICAL HANDLE: aesthetically built handles for soft and non-slip gel material The larger handle allows you more ease and balance.

Wet hair is the most delicate, and pulling it is like cutting off a rubber band. That’s why you should use quality equipment to gently blow your hair dry, without rubbing or breaking your hair.
The vented hairbrush is ideal for every form of hair. It’s made of soft bristles that are fragile and flexible enough to detangle the hair effortlessly. The broad 11-row tunnel brush is built for fast blow drying while providing optimum volume & shine to your hair from root to bottom.


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