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Ceramic Rounded SoftEco Bamboo Hair Brush ST3025


Color Light blue/ nature color
Body Material Steel
Handle Material Bamboo
Bristle Material Nylon
Coating Anti-static Coating /Ceramic Coating
Labeling Customizable label/private label
manufacturer Own Factory, China
Hair type Long-medium Hair, Salone use

Bamboo Handle Hair Brush with Luxury Quality Finish 100% Natural and Organic Premium

Ceramic Rounded SoftEco Bamboo Hair Brush Manufacturer Direct, The revolutionary ceramic and ion-infused design packs an immediate hair lift, speeds up the time of drying, and comes to make styling a breeze as a lightweight, ergonomic, hand-friendly kit. Style Like Never Before To give you impressive hair all day long, Osensia’s hair dryer brush kills two birds with one brick.

Our bristles are far more than just what meets the eye. They are not only antistatic, ionic mineral-infused for cleaner hair and optimum shine, but they are also tough enough (up to 428 ° F/220 ° C) to endure high heat. And the advantages don’t end there! Polished bristles softly smooth the scalp to avoid injury and breakage, while wavy bristles, with less work, protect the full area for styling.



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